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Sharp AQUOS Q+

Sharp AQUOS Q+, unveiled at CES 2014, is the highest resolution Full HD TV. Q+ technology delivers higher resolution with 10 million more subpixels than standard Full HD that offers more detail, depth, and color. Q+ TVs are the only HDTVs to accept a 4K signal — and it will play back at near-4K resolution. Additionally, Q+ TVs feature Sharp’s Revelation Upscaler, which takes all of your HD content and optimizes it for the higher resolution screen, so that it’s sharper and more vivid.   Q+ wowed the crowd at CES.  The Associated Press reported, “Sharp is bridging the gap between expensive 4K TVs and HD versions with an in-between solution that is also priced in the middle.”  Tom’s Guide said, “…but one thing is clear: The upscaled video looked rather different, with the kind of sharp quality (pun unavoidable) that people tend to like,” and Variety noted that with the Q+, Sharp “has been charting its own path, emphasizing improved color using its 4-primary Quattron system while other makers have pushed 3D and UHD.”    Q+ left CES with multiple major accolades: “Tom’s Guide Best of CES” (Best TV) and “HD Guru’s 2014 CES Top Picks Awards” (Best HDTV), and was a finalist for Engadget’s 2014 Best of CES Award.    Consumer response has been just as positive, with glowing reviews from customers and initial sales that show Q+ is the high-quality, reasonably priced solution that viewers desire.   Note: It shipped to retailers during Q1 2014.