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Just In Time For Pool Parties: Seura Ships Shade TVs

Outdoor 4K TVs resistant against heat, rain, bugs

Seura has begun shipping a new line of 4K outdoor TVs, engineered to combat the weather, sound and ambient-light challenges associated with viewing in these environments.

Designed for patios and decks, the Shade TVs are said to be 30 percent brighter than their indoor counterparts. They are sealed to protect against damage from moisture and insects, and can reportedly withstand temperatures from -24 to 104 degrees F.

Offered in 55-inch ($2,499), 65-inch ($3,999) and 75-inch ($5,999) screen sizes, the TVs come with a 50-watt two-channel soundbar.

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The company has also replaced its Storm Ultra Series with a new 4K Ultra Bright series, offered in 49-inch ($5,999), 55-inch ($7,999), 65-inch ($10,999) and 86-inch ($21,999) screen sizes.

These can withstand temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees F. An external audio source, however, is required.

Both lines carry two-year warranties.

The company has discontinued the Storm Ultra series, which was for partial shade applications, the company told TWICE. “The Shade series is a much more affordable price point than Storm, and our market research shows more of a demand for Shade series over Storm,” a company spokeswoman said. 

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