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Sensory Science has announced plans for two new DVD-receivers, which will appear under the Go-Video brand, and a Sensory Science MP3 portable audio player.

The company said it will ship this summer the Go-Video DVD-3000 and DVD-3100 DVD-receivers, which combine in a single chassis a DVD video player, built-in Dolby Digital decoder, and high-powered, integrated five-channel amplifiers. Model DVD-3100 adds DTS Surround Sound decoding to the package.

The units will be sold through major national and regional consumer electronics retailers. Suggested retail prices are $499 for the DVD-3000 and $599 for the DVD-3100.

The DVD player in each device incorporates a 10-bit video digital-to-analog decoder and 27MHz advanced digital filtering. Audio performance for each unit is said to be enhanced through use of 24-bit/96kHz digital-to-analog decoders and Dolby Pro Logic processing for two two-channel sources.

Sensory Science said the new systems target "the mainstream home theater market" by simplifying setup and use of the components, while saving space in smaller home environments.

Meanwhile, Sensory Science has launched its first in a series of Internet products with the new raveMP, which is a pocket-size MP3 player and digital audio recorder that adds voice messaging and personal contact management software.

The raveMP, which contrary to earlier reports will not carry the Go-Video brand, offers optional memory expansion modules of 16MB or 32MB in addition to 64MB of built-in memory. The optional flash memory cards use a proprietary format that can store up to 85 minutes of recorded music with 80MB or 102 minutes of digital music and/or data with 96MB of memory.

The raveMP (model 2100) portable digital audio recorder and MP3 player with 64MB of memory carries a suggested retail price of $299. The 16MB flash memory expansion module is $49.95 suggested retail, and the 32MB module is $89.95 suggested retail.

Sensory Science designed the raveMP as the first MP3 portable to operate with Windows 95 and 98, and later this year, Windows NT. This flexibility allows owners to download music to a PC at home or to a PC connected to a local area network with Internet access, providing wide access to MP3 sources.

To support the launch of the raveMP, Sensory Science is partnering with the web site for sampling and purchasing MP3 music. Purchasers of a raveMP will receive an installation CD including several MP3 sampler tracks from the GoodNoise catalog.

Initially, Sensory Science is offering the raveMP direct through its web site. The company plans to secure distribution for the device through major national and regional audio/video specialty retailers.


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