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Sensoria Debuts Smart Socks For Runners

Las Vegas — The Internet of Things has reached the sock drawer.

Sensoria Fitness socks, shipping now, are embedded with proprietary machine-washable textile sensors powered by a flexible and lightweight Bluetooth smart-enabled anklet. The anklet pairs with a free companion mobile app to give runners real-time updates on form, distance, pace, speed, ascent, descent, altitude, foot contact time, number of steps and cadence.

Data is gathered while running and then saved to the online Sensoria Fitness web dashboard where users can compare runs and monitor improvement from anywhere with a smartphone or web connection.

A real-time Virtual Coach function can correct form based on the data to help avoid injuries related to impact forces and foot landing.

In addition, the app features a virtual shoe closet of more than 7,000 running shoe models so a runner can get feedback/recommendations for each pair.

“With the release of our Sensoria Fitness socks, we’ve established a new technology standard for fitness and health trackers. Our wearable system can help runners improve performance and avoid injury-prone running styles,” said Davide Vigano, Sensoria co-founder and chief executive.

The socks feature an antimicrobial fabric, have moisture evaporation properties and are made in the U.S.

Sensoria Fitness socks retail for $199 for a two-pair pack that includes the anklet, a USB charger, a dedicated mobile app for iPhone or Android devices and a web dashboard. Two additional pairs of socks can be purchased for $49.

Sensoria also offers a smart fitness sports bra and a smart fitness t-shirt.