Sensio Builds 3DGO! Streaming Service



Sensio Technologies promoted at International CES its Hi-Fi 3D technology and related streaming service called 3DGO! that will soon deliver near Blu-ray 3D quality streaming content to TV screens.

Nicholas Routhier, Sensio president and CEO, said his company set out to develop a system for Internet delivered 3D video content after seeing a dearth of programming coming from traditional distribution outlets.

“We negotiated with manufacturers in order to bring that content to the market,” he said, adding that Sensio and TCL recently signed a letter of intent to integrate Sensio’s Hi-Fi 3D technology in TCL 3DTVs, while Vizio 3DTVs already support Sensio Hi-Fi 3D technology.

Sensio’s Hi-Fi 3D format was based on a unique frame-compatible stereoscopic signal processing technology used for commercializing live 3D events in cinemas, highprofile console games and DVD movies.

The process eliminates the resolution, sharpness and fidelity loss associated with typical side-by-side techniques, Routhier said.

The 3DGO! service, meanwhile, is scheduled to launch in spring 2012, and Sensio will be announcing titles and supporting studios, content producers and product manufacturers in coming months.

Sensio said the service will likely launch with a lot of live 3D events, such as concerts.

Sensio’s goal, Routhier said, is to have 60 titles at launch and around 100 by the end of the year. Content will be offered using a transactional on-demand model without a subscription fee.

Routhier said 3DGO! will benefit from the fact that many of the largest chip manufacturers have integrated supporting technology into new 3D processing chips.

In addition to smart TVs, Sensio is targeting 3D monitors and 3D laptops in the short term, and moving to 3D tablets as they become more widely available.

In another area of its business, Sensio has developed passive 3D glasses for various 3D TV products in the market, but Routhier said 3DGO! is glasses and platform agnostic.


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