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Seiki Adds Up-Converting UHD Blu-ray Player

New York – Seiki revealed Tuesday a marketing campaign focused on 4K Ultra HD.

Seiki also introduced its new U-Vision 4K up-conversion Blu-ray Disc Player that goes on sale in the third quarter for a $99 suggested retail. It features built-in up-scaling of FullHD 1080p Blu-ray Disc content for playback on new Ultra HD TV screens.

Seiki said its “4K Ultra HD World” marketing campaign will look to notify consumers about the arrival of 4K Ultra HD and send a message that it’s “time to upgrade with Seiki.”

Seiki said the multifaceted campaign will include digital and print advertising, retail promotions and industry events with a special focus on social media to drive the Seiki brand messaging using the hashtag “#4KUHDWorld.”

“In just over a year, the Seiki brand emerged to become one of the leaders in the 4K Ultra HD world. Our goal now is to grow our brand presence and continue to support 4K Ultra HD momentum in the marketplace,” stated Frank Kendzora, Seiki executive VP. “At the same time, Seiki will reinforce its market leadership with unique 4K product offerings like the U-Vision Blu-ray player. The new Seiki player makes HD content look beautiful on a 4K screen, therefore making 4K Ultra HD TVs more relevant today.”

In addition to outputting either FullHD 1080p or up-converted Ultra HD 3,840 by 2,160 resolution content, the Seiki U-Vision Blu-ray Disc player offers Technicolor 4K Image Certification, and Dolby TruHD lossless surround sound technology.

Meanwhile, the new Seiki Pro line of 4K Ultra HD TVs and U-Vision 4K up-conversion HDMI cable will be on display this week at CE Week in New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion.