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Securifi’s Almond 3 Aims To Make Mesh Networking Affordable (And Foolproof)

Five-year-old consumer router resource Securifi hopes to bring mesh and connected-home technology to the masses with its latest iteration, the Almond 3 smart-home Wi-Fi system.

Mesh platforms employ multiple routers to create a single, seamless network and eliminate dead zones. Securifi’s latest entry, a 2017 CES Innovation Award winner within the Smart Home category, accomplishes that with a user-friendly touchscreen wizard set-up.

But building on its easy set-up predecessor Almond, the system also serves as a hub to control hundreds of ZigBee-compliant smart-home devices like the Nest thermostat and Philips Hue lights; has a built-in siren for home security; and offers voice control through integration with Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant.

Both Wi-Fi and smart-home devices can be controlled locally via an Almond mobile app without connecting to cloud servers and even when the Internet is down, and Almond-rule engine and IFTTT integration allows users to create complex automation workflows featuring multiple triggers that prompt multiple actions, and to setup delays between actions, the company said.

 “We take pride in yet again bringing innovation to the connected home by combining mesh, voice control AI and [a] smart-home hub all in one device,” said CEO Rammohan Malasani.

Available now at retail, the units sell for $150 individually and in a three-pack bundle for $400.

Securifi has also introduced a smart button, Almond Click, which can be paired with Almond to control all connected smart-home devices, eliminating the need to open an app for each connected action. The device began shipping last month at a suggested retail of $50 for a three-pack.

Securifi will tout its Almond family next month at CES in booth 41935, Halls A-D at The Sands, within the Smart Home Marketplace.