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Second-Quarter TV Print Ads Take 4% Decline

SAN DIEGO — Total print ad counts for TV products fell 4 percent in the second quarter, compared with the same period in 2013, according to data compiled by Gap Intelligence.

The market research firm said that this year, three retailers actually increased their quarterly ad count over last year’s numbers, while the rest of the field saw double-digit decreases in their respective ad numbers.

Best Buy and Target each increased TV product print ad counts by 21 percent, while electronics chain hhgregg increased its counts by 17 percent in the period.

Sears saw the largest decline in ad counts of 48 percent year over year, from 120 print ads in Q2 2013 to only 62 ads placed during the same period this year, according to Gap.

The second quarter of the year is a time of volatility in the television market as new products are rolled out to retail stores.

“Ironically, this is also the period with the fewest retail print ads because it comes after the final push to clear out old products in Q1 and before the holiday flurry of Q3 and Q4,” noted Deirdre Kennedy, Gap television market analyst.

The top five most-advertised brands from the second quarter last year remained the same in Q2 2014, the report found.

Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sony and RCA remain the top advertisers, despite a drop of 46 percent in the number of ads placed by LG.

Sony was the most active brand over the period, increasing its ad count by 89 percent over last year due to the company’s increased focus on associating its brand name with high-end Ultra HD TVs.

Polaroid-branded TVs, which returned to the market last quarter, entered with a strong seventh-place ranking in total number of print ads in Q2.