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Scandyna Adds Amp/Docks For iPod Users

High-end Danish speaker supplier Scandyna has begun shipping a pair of amplifier-equipped iPod docks whose round cosmetics match that of its new Podspeaker line of spherical speakers.

The $219 Dock and $249 V Dock incorporate 2×15-watt (into 4 ohms) Class T amplifier and speaker-level outputs, with the V Dock adding video outputs but lacking Apple’s authentication chip for full video compatibility with Apple’s newest iPods.

The docks are unusual in that they look like standard unpowered docks that home audio suppliers make available as options for connection to the A/V receivers and audio systems.

Both docks are available in white or black and come with remote, separate output for a powered subwoofer, and 3.5mm aux input for other-brand MP3 players.

Toftlund, Denmark-based Scandyna launched U.S. sales last year through U.S. marketing arm Scandyna America of Broomfield, Colo., which targets high-end brick-and-mortar A/V retailers.

Scandyna’s speaker lineup includes the compact Podspeaker series of active and passive speakers and a matching amplifier.

All of the speakers are available in multiple colors and can be wall- or shelf-mounted.