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Sanus Shipping Two Stud-Free Flat-Panel Mounts

ST. PAUL, MINN. —Sanus Systems
announced it is now shipping the Foundations
Floor Stand series FS56 and
FS46 mounts that allow flat-panel TVs
to be mounted to a wall without requiring
wood wall studs.

The Floor Stands include a tilting
mount with Virtual Axis tilting technology
for supporting 32-inch to 56-inch TVs
up to 150 pounds (model FS56) or 26-inch
to 46-inch TVs up to 100 pounds (model
FS46). They install by anchoring directly
into sheetrock with two steel legs that
evenly distribute the weight of the TV.

Both mounts include adjustable wood
back panels that neatly hide all cables
and wires for a finished appearance. Four
panel finishes — cherry, mocha, black
and paintable white — are included to
match any furniture and décor, the company
said. Height-adjustment features
on the mount and back panels allow precise
positioning of the screen behind any
piece of furniture.

The mounts include multiple cutouts
to accommodate multiple trim depths
and minimal depth for positioning the
stand as close to the wall as possible.

Both products are now available and
list for $219 for the FS56 and $189 for
the FS46.