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SanDisk Updates Web Site To Educate Consumers, Sell Memory

SUNNYVALE, CALIF . — SanDisk announced that it has unveiled a new corporate Web site to educate consumers on all things flash memory.

According to SanDisk, the previous Web site was targeted more for an OEM audience, with technical descriptions and layout that would turn off a casual surfer.

The new site, according to SanDisk, is designed to be more consumer-friendly, with easy navigation and non-technical explanations of the various features of flash memory and the devices that use them.

The new site also features e-commerce, selling SanDisk flash memory cards and peripherals direct to customers.

Nelson Chan, SanDisk’s senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing said, “Flash cards are now well past the early adopter stage as hundreds of portable, electronic products that use SanDisk flash memory cards have been introduced. Our new site is designed to inform potential customers with very little technical expertise about these various products and which of our cards works best with the devices. The increased affordability and ease of use of handheld computers, digital cameras, cell phones, digital camcorders and Internet music players that all use SanDisk’s flash memory cards have pushed these products into the mainstream.”

The SanDisk web site may be found at