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SanDisk Eases iPhone Storage Woes

SanDisk has a better solution for those poor storage-lacking 16GB iPhone users.

The storage manufacturer has updated its iXpand flash drive for iPhones and iPads, redesigning its build so it fits with most cases and extending capacities up to 128GB. The iXpand, which has a USB 3.0 connector on one end and a flexible Lightning connector on the other, comes in 16GB ($49.99 suggested retail), 32GB ($69.99), 64GB ($89.99) and 128GB capacities ($129).

SanDisk has also redesigned the included app for better storage maintenance. Users can now access non-DRM-protected music and videos directly from the drive, as well as save photos directly to the drive instead of the Apple device. Built-in encryption software provides password protection.