SanDisk Beefs Flash Capacity In New Cards

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High resolution digital cameras and the increasing sophistication of multimedia cellphones have driven flash memory manufacturers to broaden assortments and up capacities to pace the proliferation of memory-intense applications.

SanDisk announced new high-capacity memory guards aimed at the twin engines of flash memory growth — digital cameras and cellular phones.

To court this memory-hungry camera owner, SanDisk introduced its highest capacity SD, Memory Stick PRO and PRO Duo cards to date, doubling the previous maximum capacities. All the new high-capacity cards will ship in November.

A 2GB SD card will retail for $199.99; a 4GB Memory Stick PRO card will sell for $799.99; and a 1GB PRO Duo card will be available at $204.99.

SanDisk also doubled the maximum capacities of its miniSD and RS-MMC cards to 512MB.

Both cards will ship this month for a suggested $69.99. The miniature formats aim at multimedia cellphones and include adapters for use in the larger slots that house the full-size memory cards.


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