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Samsung’s DeX Phone-As-Touchpad Device Goes On Sale May 13

Samsung is taking pre-orders and is offering a limited-time, free-with-purchase promotion.

A year ago, when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8, the hoopla almost overshadowed a neat ancillary option: the DeX Station, a phone dock that essentially turns the handset into a PC and creates a desktop experience when paired with a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

More recently, with the launch of the new Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung added the DeX Pad; same concept, but it further allows the new flagship phone to double as a touch pad within a desktop environment to provide document editing, full-screen mobile gaming, drag-and-drop functionality, contextual menus, multiple resizable windows, and other desktop-like features.

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Starting today, consumers and enterprises can pre-order the DeX Pad directly on, in order to be first in line when the $100 device hits retail shelves and online stores on May 13.

Explained Alanna Cotton, senior VP at Samsung Electronics America (SEA), “The Samsung DeX Pad bridges the gap between smartphone and desktop. With its desktop interface and easy connection to a mouse, monitor and keyboard, DeX Pad helps you get the most out of your favorite apps.

More than an accessory, she said, the dock is “reflective of our philosophy of mobile technology: innovative devices and services, working together seamlessly, to help consumers do more.”

As an added limited-time incentive, Samsung will throw in a free DeX pad with the purchase of an S9 or S9+ direct from the company. Here are the specs: