Samsung Unveils Wi-Fi Direct Blu-ray Player

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Samsung is introducing at International CES a new Blu-ray Disc player with Wi-Fi direct functionality that will allow sharing content over a direct connection with other Wi-Fi devices without the need for a central access point or PC.

Model BD-E6500 is a 3D-enabled Bluray player offering FullHD 1080p video playback, and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The player also supports Samsung Apps and adds a full web browser.

The player was said to have been designed to let content purchasers “obtain digital copies of their DVD collection and stream them to multiple smart devices.”

Asked for details on the digital copy streaming, Samsung representatives said they were waiting for multiple outside approvals and could not get an official explanation of the technology as this went to press.

Meanwhile, Samsung said the aforementioned Wi-Fi Direct system, which allows Wi-Fi devices to be connected easily without the need for a central wireless access point, will be available in all 2012 Blu-ray players, among other Samsung devices.

The BD-E6500 model also features a slim, two-tone cabinet design, Samsung said.

Pricing and availability were not available at press time.


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