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Samsung Unveils Four Point-And-Shoot Cameras

ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Although four
new digital still cameras were front and
center for Samsung Electronics’ recent
PMA Show introductions, a pair of pocket-
sized camcorders also created a some
buzz, as the lines between the camera and
camcorder categories continue to blur.

Samsung extended its family of ultra-
compact camcorder models with the
HMX-U20 ($249 suggested retail) and
the HMX-U15 ($229), which are both
slated to ship in the spring.

Both pocket-cams capture FullHD
1080p video and high-resolution still photos.
They also are the fi rst models to introduce
into Samsung’s ultra-compact camcorder
series a built-in USB connection.

The HMX-U20 and HMX-U15 include
1/2.3-inch CMOS sensors capable
of recording 1,920 by 1,080 FullHD resolution
video (30p/H.264). In still photo
mode, the HMX-U20 will capture 7.8-
megapixel and 10-megapixel digital still
images, while the HMX-U15 shoots 14-
megapixel digital stills.

The camcorders also include Hyper
Digital Image Stabilization.

Both models offer time-lapse recording
with preset intervals of one image every
one, five, 10 or 30 seconds.

The step-up HMX-U20 also features
a 3x optical zoom lens, which is unusual
for the pocket camcorder category and
price point.

The built-in USB connection can be
used to recharge the camcorder’s battery,
and an HDMI output is included for
connection to HDTV sets.

Also included in both models is a playedit-
sharing program, called Intelli-studio,
which runs on a PC to enable editing
and playing video without having to install
supporting software. A one-touch “upload”
button enables sharing videos and photos
online using an Internet connection and
links directly to sites including YouTube.

Highlighting company’s new digital
still cameras at the show was the new
f lagship point-and-shoot. The TL500
(shipping this spring at a $449 suggested
retail) features 10-megapixel highperformance
image sensor, a full-range of
advanced features, and a bright 3x Schneider
Kreuznach f/1.8 24mm wide-angle
zoom lens.

The camera incorporates a 1/1.7-inch
CCD image sensor with high sensitivity
(up to ISO 3,200 at full resolution).
Together with Samsung’s re engineered
DRIMeIII imaging processor, the TL500
captures high-quality images in virtually
all lighting conditions.

To reduce image blurring the TL500
includes Dual Image Stabilization technology,
while a 3-inch swiveling AMOLED
view screen allows easy shooting at
multiple angles.

Other features include RAW fi le support,
shutter priority, aperture priority
and full manual shooting modes, Smart
Auto 2.0 (still and movie) scene recognition
technology, and video capture at
(640 by 480/30fps/H.264) resolution.

The TL350 (available this spring at
$349) is a 10-megapixel compact camera
with 1080p, FullHD video recording, capable
of shooting video at up to 1,000
fps. Also included is an up to 10 fps burst
shooting mode for full size digital stills.

Other features include Advanced Panorama
Shot with Object Tracking, and
Dual Capture mode, which allows users
to simultaneously take 10-megapixel still
images while recording FullHD videos.

The camera includes an advanced
CMOS sensor and re-engineered DRIMeIII
processor for improved low light
performance and high-speed shooting.

The camera includes a 5x 24mm ultrawide-
angle Schneider Kreuznach zoom
lens, Advanced Panorama mode with Object
Tracking that will further enhance
the camera’s wide-angle capabilities. For
blur-free handheld images, the TL350’s
lens is also paired with Samsung’s Dual
Image Stabilization technology.

The TL350 is equipped with a 3-inch AMOLED screen, providing users with
a high contrast ratio, deep colors and less
power consumption.

Other features include smart and manual
controls, intuitive Smart Auto 2.0
(still and movie) scene-recognition technology,
and RAW file support.

Samsung also introduced two 12-megapixel
active-user-designed all-weather cameras
in the waterproof AQ100 (shipping
this spring at $199), and shock-resistant
SL605 (shipping this spring at $129).

The AQ100 features a the slim (0.78-
inch-thick) body design, water resistance
to 10 feet, strong low-light performance,
5x optical inner-zoom lens, Digital Image
Stabilization, and a 2.7-inch TFT-LCD
screen for framing and reviewing images.

The AQ100 will also record 720p HD
video and offers Smart Auto scene-recognition
technology, which fi ne-tunes both
video and picture settings.

The new SL605 (spring, $129) offers
an anti scratch mask, a 2.7-inch TFTLCD
(230,000-pixel resolution), dustand
dirt-resistant rubberized body, a 5x
27mm wide-angle lens, standard-defi nition
VGA video recording and Smart
Auto scene-recognition technology.

Also included in the SL605 is a Smart
Night mode for shooting in poorly lit areas.