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Samsung Teams With Paris Design Team For Serif TV

Samsung has teamed up with the celebrated Paris designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for a highly stylized TV, the Serif, aimed at the high-end interior design market.

Viewed from the front, the Serif set is surrounded by a stylish frame.

From the side, the TVs look like a capital ‘I’ with a slim body broadening to form a flat surface that can be used as a shelf.

“Its presence is like an object; you can turn around and manipulate it. It can stand anywhere — even on the floor using the legs,” the designer brothers said.

Besides the stylized form factor, the brothers redesigned Samsung’s existing TV software in an effort to simplify the interface and make remote control use easier.

The Serif will be available in white, dark blue and red. So far, it is set to hit the market in France, Denmark, the U.K. and Sweden in November. Eventual U.S. availability is still to be announced, but the available screen sizes, 37 inches, 29 inches and 22 inches, won’t likely draw much interest in the States. The “large” is a 4K Ultra HD model. The “medium” has FullHD resolution and the “mini” is HD.

Check out Samsung’s preview video: