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Samsung, Six Flags Team For Virtual-Reality Rollercoasters

Riders on virtual-reality-equipped rollercoasters at nine Six Flags theme parks this year will fly with Superman or battle space aliens while wearing Samsung’sGear VR headset.

Visitors to the North American parks will ride a real-life rollercoaster while immersed in the VR content, the companies said.

The VR rides are part of a marketing partnership in which Samsung becomes the official technology partner of the theme-park company. The partnership “will include the marketing of these new roller coasters,” a Six Flags spokesperson told TWICE. Additional details weren’t released.

Six Flags and Samsung will launch the VR roller coasters beginning this month and into the summer.

As consumers experience steep drops, inverted loops and fast twists and turns on the roller coasters, accelerometers and proximity sensors in the VR headsets will synchronize the action with a 360-degree virtual reality world, the companies explained.

On six rollercoasters, riders will be the co-pilots of fighter jets fighting alien invaders with VR weaponry. On three Superman roller coasters, riders will soar alongside Superman as he battles Lex Luthor’s evil LexBots.

Take a ride for yourself: