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Samsung Gathers Big Crowd For Small Camera

New York — Trade-in-happy DSLR owners started lining up in the early hours of Wednesday morning in Times Square to take advantage of a rare opportunity to exchange their old DSLRs for a new top-of-the-line Samsung NX30 compact system camera.

Although the legal disclaimers specified that only the first 250 people who showed up with an eligible working DSLR would be able to trade it in for the $999 value compact interchangeable-lens model, Samsung executives said they came prepared to serve an unspecified larger number of guests.

Ron Gazzola, Samsung’s camera division marketing VP, said Samsung used the event to generate good vibes about the features and performance benefits of the new camera to generate positive word of mouth testimonials, blog reviews and social media chatter in the days and months to come.

“This is all about getting people engaged, spreading the word about the compact system camera category and most specifically about the features and benefits of Samsung’s NX,” he said.

It’s also hoped that the effort eventually will help deepen the market share niche Samsung has carved out of the new interchangeable-lens camera segment.