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Samsung Adds Screen Dreams App


Screen Dreams, the distributor
of photographic and fine art stills and
videos that can serve as flat-panel wallpaper,
screensavers and electronic galleries, recently
signed up Samsung to carry its first-ever paid
TV application on 2010/2011 model Samsung
smart TVs and Blu-ray players.

The Screen Dreams app can be purchased
through the Samsung Apps Store at $2.99
and allows consumers to access and stream
famous works of art, world-class photography,
as well as Screen Dreams exclusive Fireplace
and Aquarium video content.

Screen Dreams founder and president Stephen
Spivak said there is no subscription fee
for the content.

“The price of the app is $2.99, and that allows
any user unlimited usage with this one
time transaction,” he said.

The app is intended to help flat-panel owners
transform their screens into a high definition
“window to the world.”

“Smart TVs are one of the biggest-selling
consumer electronics products, and we are
committed to distributing our beautiful imagery
and videos to consumers who are looking
for interesting new content to explore on these
next generation TV sets,” said Spivak. “Consumers
can have a great ‘lean back’ experience
and be entertained from the comfort of their
homes just by using their remote control to turn
that old boring black rectangle into a work of
art with music.”

The new Screen Dreams app enhances the
ambiance and aesthetics of any room décor, and instantly
streams via the Internet 12 uniquely themed galleries
made up of more than 150 high-definition art and photography
images and video scenes.

Galleries include space, fractals, fine art and photographs
of nature landscapes, beaches, waterfalls and

All galleries are accompanied by music tracks in the
World Beat, New Age and Ambient genres, among others.
Natural sound effects, including crackling fires and
aquarium bubbling, are also supplied.

The app also has an optional feature setting that allows
the viewer to learn about the history of the artists, such
as Van Gogh and Monet, and photographers behind the
images appearing on the screen.

Screen Dreams first started streaming its Galleries
through select Sharp Aquos Net, and Philips Net TVs in
2009, and continues that arrangement today.

In 2010 the company was asked by Yahoo to create paid apps for a connected TV platform. The paid apps
were launched into the market at the end of 2011 on Vizio,
Sony and Toshiba TVs.

The Yahoo! “app is essentially the same as the one on
Samsung TVs and has the same price at $2.99 and unlimited
use for a one-time transaction,” Spivak said.

The Screen Dreams smart-TV app on Samsung TVs is
being promoted by Samsung as being in the first marketing
position on the Samsung Apps store website.

Last year, Screen Dreams also announced a licensing
deal with New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
for the Blu-ray/DVD rights to produce and distribute 50
Masterworks from the MoMA’s collection.

As for the future, Spivak told TWICE that Screen
Dreams expects to offer a subscription-based Premiumlevel
service “by the end of the year, or sooner,” that will
offer more exclusive content and fine art works.