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Runco Unveils Advanced Gen 3, Vidikron D-ILA Projector

Runco International used CES to announce new technology introductions for both its Runco and Vidikron video projector lines.

Under Runco, the company announced its Enhanced Gen 3 projector series including the CL-710/710LT, VX-1000ci, VX-4000ci and VX-5000ci projectors. These models will all incorporate Enhanced Gen 3 technology which is said to produce higher contrast and lower black levels while significantly improving color purity.

The Enhanced Gen 3 system incorporates a new “SuperOnyx”, 16:9 Advanced Light Engine and Texas Instrument’s latest DMD chip technology with Dark Metal Process, 12-degree mirror tilt and redesigned hinge components. Comple-menting this is an elevated chroma reproduction system for life-like colorimetry and color purity.

“In keeping with Runco tradition, we have chosen to incorporate these significant improvements in our existing models where applicable. This is an integral part of Runco’s ongoing philosophy of bringing the finest performance enhancements to our customers as rapidly as feasible,” said Ben Jamison, sales and marketing VP.

Runco’s Gen 3 products all have DVI inputs, which include HDCP copy protection decryption.

All Runco single-chip DLP projectors use a proprietary nine-point color balancing control.

Under the Vidikron line, the company showed two micro-device-based home theater projectors including the company’s first unit based on D-ILA technology.

The Vidikron Vision Model 60, which is due to ship this spring at a $15,000 suggested retail, is a 3-chip unit offering 1,400-by-788 pixel resolution at a native 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Vidikron’s implementation of the D-ILA technology was said to produce “unprecedented black-level reproduction, outstanding color rendition and extremely smooth, flicker-free images.”

Light output of the Vision Model 60 was measured at 17.9 foot-Lamberts using the Runco/Vidikron Cinema Standards Measurement System (CSMS), and 1,000 ANSI lumens. Contrast ratio is given at 800:1.

The projector was said to incorporate a host of digital and analog video inputs, including DVI with HDCP. It has a compact, Italian-inspired chassis design and weighs 20 pounds.

Vidikron is also introducing the LightAmp LCD, which it bills as an extremely high-performance, high-light output LCD projector. The company is targeting the projector at upper-end home-theater applications where high ambient lighting conditions exist, such as family rooms.

Vidikron is employing next-generation, active-matrix TFT LCD technology in a native 16:9 aspect ratio. The three-panel projector produces light output of 69.3 foot-Lamberts (CSMS), and 4,000 ANSI lumens, using a dual UHP lamp arrangement.

Resolution is listed at HDTV-level 1366-by-768 pixels, and the contrast ratio is said to be 900:1. The LightAmp LCD will retail for under $25,000 starting in the spring.