Rosner's Celebrates 100th Anniversary



Independent appliance and CE dealer Rosner’s marks its 100th anniversary this month.

While surviving for a century is tough enough for any business, what makes this milestone even more poignant is that 2010, even with its recessionary headwinds and ailing Florida housing market, represented “the best year we have had in a long time,” said VP and buyer Jeff Rosner.

The single-store operation attributes its success to “enhancing the customer experience before and after the sale,” Rosner said, along with offering good deals on TVs and majaps.

The business also prides itself on being “the TV and appliance professionals” within the community, and to that end keeps its sales teams fully trained and up to date on all product features and benefits, and works closely with its vendors’ service teams.

Aiding them on the education and marketing front is its membership in the Nationwide Marketing Group buying organization. “All of our sales representatives are required to go online and complete Nationwide’s sales training,” Rosner noted. “This allows us to meet the needs of each customer [and] sell more brands and higher-end product lines.”

The company also regularly attends Nationwide’s biannual Primetime! buying show and conference, including next month’s in Las Vegas. “The insights you walk away with are immeasurable,” Rosner said. “You get so much information on what is actually working and what isn’t on every aspect of your business just [by] networking and talking to other dealers.”

Rosner’s began as a Yonkers, N.Y., hardware store in 1911 and later added appliances. The business moved to its current location in West Palm Beach in 1978, where it is run by fourth- generation Rosner family members.

The company recently renovated its storefront lobby using a retro-style theme that both celebrates its anniversary and distinguishes it from big-box competitors. Adding to the vintage look are 1950s-style Northstar appliances by Elmira Stove Works and an original 1956 ringer washer.

Despite the new “old” look, the dealer’s commitment to providing excellent customer service remains unchanged. Added Rosner, “If you take care of your customers, your business will take care of you.”


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