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Roku Pushes ‘National Streaming Day’

Saratoga, Calif. – In honor of the anniversary and the impact Roku has had on TV, Saratoga Mayor Emily Lo will bestow the proclamation of “Streaming Day” at the Roku headquarters on Tuesday.

As part of the commencement, Roku invited TV industry and consumers to help make May 20 a National Streaming Day with the hashtag #nationalstreamingday.

The company reminded that it was six years ago today when a small team at Roku unveiled the streaming player — the very first device to stream Netflix to the TV.

The innovation of delivering video over the Internet straight to the big screen in the living room shifted entertainment consumption and sparked a major consumer trend.

“We’re so proud to be the platform that introduced streaming entertainment to the living room. The innovations that grew out of that introduction have shaped where TV is today,” said Roku founder and CEO Anthony Wood. “Consumers now benefit from more entertainment choice than ever before while content creators of all sizes reap the benefits of being able to bring their entertainment to the TV using the open Internet. We’ve always believed that all TV will be streamed and today we are thousands of channels and billions of streaming hours closer to the goal.”

Roku charted a list of “notable milestones” inspired by media streaming to the TV:

 • Now 42 million households have a TV connected to the Internet.

• “Binging” and “spoiler alert” are established words in the TV viewing vernacular.

• Original series created just for streaming paved the way for a new model of production and distribution with full series releases, and created Emmy award-winning programs along the way.

• Favorite TV shows from the past, including “Veronica Mars,” “Arrested Development” and “24”, now get a second life in the new TV economy.

• TV is more popular than ever, with heavy streamers watching an average of seven hours per day.

While movies and TV shows are widely popular categories, consumers also enjoy music, sports, news and weather, fitness and outdoors, science and tech, food, kids and family, travel, foreign language and religion and spirituality options.

Streaming has also enabled new channels — TED, The Autism Channel, Kaplan Prep, DogTV Anywhere and others — that would have never otherwise had a path to the TV.

Roku said it anticipates the pace of streaming entertainment available for the TV will continue to rapidly increase in the coming years to the point where all TV will be streamed.

Roku alone publishes roughly 90 channels per month to its platform.

Roku is encouraging consumers to celebrate National Streaming Day by streaming at least 60 minutes of their favorite entertainment today and sharing their selection using hashtag #nationalstreamingday.

Streaming TV fans can also visit Roku’s Facebook page,, for a chance to win prizes.

Roku is offering anyone who does not yet have a streaming player the chance to buy one today and receive a $10 rebate from