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Ring Rolls Out Video Doorbell To Best Buy

Santa Monica, Calif. – Startup Ring expanded distribution of its $199 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell to 434 Best Buy stores in 50 states and unveiled the $19.95 Ring Chime Wi-Fi speaker, which sounds when the doorbell is pressed.

With the Best Buy rollout, Ring said it executed its first agreement with a brick-and-mortar retailer, having previously been available only in catalogs and at,, and Best Buy’s online store also picked up the doorbell.

The Ring Chime, which plugs into an electrical outlet, will be available for purchase at on June 1. Plans for rolling it out to other outlets weren’t disclosed.

With the Ring Chime, people inside the house will be alerted to someone ringing the doorbell even if their smartphone is in another room, the company said. Previously, the Ring Video doorbell had to be connected to existing doorbell wiring to alert people inside a house that someone was ringing.

The Ring Video Doorbell features night-vision HD camera, motion sensor, speakers and microphone. It notifies a user’s Android or iOS smartphone that someone is ringing the bell, and the phone displays live images of the person at the door. Homeowners can see and speak with people ringing the bell from anywhere via their smartphone. The doorbell also senses motion on the property and alerts a smartphone that someone is nearby.

A $3/month cloud-storage service stores footage triggered by motion or when the doorbell is rung.

The doorbell gets power from existing doorbell wiring or an internal battery.

The company shipped its first Wi-Fi doorbell in fall 2013, then replaced it with the Ring Video Doorbell, which became available in January 2015.