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Ring Chimes In With Second Wi-Fi Doorbell

Flush with a $61.2 million in new funding, Ring is expanding its Wi-Fi doorbell lineup with the addition of a slimmer model that steps up video capture to 1080p and adds interchangeable faceplates.

The new Ring Video Doorbell Pro, available for preorder at for $249, also adds 5GHz Wi-Fi to the current model’s 2.4GHz. In another upgrade, the Pro lets users create custom motion-detection zones in the camera’s field of view to keep unnecessary motion-detection alerts from being sent to a user’s smartphone. The current $199 Ring Video Doorbell, which remains in the line, only lets users control motion-detection sensitivity in predefined zones.

Unlike the current model, the Pro lacks internal rechargeable battery, so it must be connected to existing doorbell wiring for power. Although the current model connects to doorbell wiring, it can also be installed without a hardwired connection so it can be installed in locations lacking wires. The doorbell would send signals to an optional $19.95 Wi-Fi doorbell chime, which plugs into an electrical outlet and sounds when the doorbell is pressed.

The current model lacks interchangeable faceplates but comes in multiple finishes.

Consumers can preorder the Pro at, with shipments beginning in in April. The product will be available through Best Buy and Home Depot in May.

The new model measures 4.5 by 1.85 by 0.8 inches, thanks in large part to the lack of an internal battery. The current model measures 4.98 by 2.43 by 0.87 inches.

“Removing the battery made it possible to significantly reduce the size of the product, and the constant flow of power also allows for more advanced features because there’s no drain on the battery,” a spokesperson said.

Ring, which shipped its first Wi-Fi doorbell in 2013, also offers the battery-powered Wi-Fi Stick Up Camera for outdoor use and an optional  $49 solar panel that can be used with it.

Ring recently raised $61.2 million in Series C funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and from Sir Richard Branson.