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Revolution Adds Bass, Simple Install To Invisible Speakers

Denver – Montreal-based startup Revolution Acoustics is launching invisible in-wall speakers said to combine the simplicity of peel-and-stick installation with high-quality full-range sound.

“The Achilles’ heel of invisible speakers is that they required four to five trades to get involved,” including wall spacklers, said founder Bob Katz during the CEDIA Expo. Now for retrofits or new construction, installers can place a cylindrical exciter in back of the wall or in front if installed down low behind a couch, to excite an entire wall, Katz said. The exciters are screwed to a plate that sticks to the wall.

Each driver can deliver a mono signal, or separate drivers can be used to deliver separate left and right channels.

Because the exciters deliver floor-to-ceiling sound, they act like multiple line arrays to deliver volume that doesn’t drop off significantly with distance, Katz said. As a result, installers need install only two drivers to fill a 40 by 40-foot room that would otherwise require as many as six in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, he said.

The technology also delivers stable response throughout the room because of bending-wave physics, he said.

Bass rolls off at 45Hz with a 3dB downpoint, and response extends to 20kHz.

In hospitals and other commercial environments, the exciters can be applied to drop-ceiling tiles.

The company is packaging two exciters with a purpose-built amplifier at a suggested $1,495, though the drivers can be mated with any standard speaker. Revolutions Class D amp features EQ to equalize response for different wall materials. The amp also features an IR remote.