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Revolar’s Instinct Is A Silent Assault Alarm

Revolar has introduced a second wearable device designed to prevent assaults.

The square, quarter-sized Instinct, which features Bluetooth and can double as a step-counter, has a multifunction silent alarm button. GPS location and customized text messages can be sent to pre-selected contacts, and all settings are managed within the accompanying iOS or Android app. The device can be worn or attached to a keychain.

“We created Revolar to revolutionize the way you protect yourself and the ones you love,” said Jacqueline Ros, Revolar co-founder and CEO. “We interviewed hundreds of survivors and what we heard again and again was, ‘I knew something was wrong, but I felt paralyzed. I couldn’t call 911 because of a bad feeling.’ We designed Revolar to end the stigma around asking for help.”

Users can check-in with one click, request backup with two clicks, and signal an emergency with three clicks (Red Alert). A Ring Me feature, meanwhile, lets users call their own phone, excusing themselves from uncomfortable situations, such as a bad date, said the company. Alerts can also be canceled by entering a PIN in the app. 

There are no monthly service fees, and contacts do not need to use the Revolar app. The device operates using a coin cell CR2032 battery, said to last about six months.

The company is offering a pre-sale on Indiegogo for $60. It’s slated to ship in May at a suggested retail of $80. It will also be distributed by Petra Industries to Target stores.  

This is the second assault-prevention device launched by Revolar. The first iteration was introduced in 2015.