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ReplayTV To Ship First 60-Hour Single-Drive DVR

Mountain View, Calif. – ReplayTV Inc. announced that it plans to ship a new 60-hour single-drive digital video recorder, the first in the DVR category, with twice the recording capacity of any on the market today.

The ReplayTV 3060 contains the largest single-drive for digital video recording, which increases capacity for recording TV programs and recording in higher-quality modes. This single-drive product decreases power consumption and produces less heat and noise than dual-drive design DVRs, the company said.

Available in a few weeks, the ReplayTV 3060 will include the free ReplayTV service and will be priced at $799. The free service gives viewers greater control of their television viewing by categorizing television entertainment by content and providing viewers more ways to find the shows and movies they want.

The ReplayTV 3060 contains the Maxtor DiamondMax 60GB hard disk, which as a single drive has advantages over dual-drive DVRs, such as consuming less power and generating significant measures of less heat and noise. By including the Maxtor drive, the ReplayTV 3060 requires no upgrades, special features or technology to handle increased recording capacity, according to the company.