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Renamed ReplayTV Upgrades Service

Replay Networks, developer of a hard-drive video recorder system, said it has changed the company name to ReplayTV Inc.

In related announcements, the company said the subscription-free EPG service will offer new software upgrades designed to give users improved “convenience, choice and control.” The company also said it has reduced the price of its own branded recorder, ReplayTV 2020, from $699 to $599.

The service upgrades, ReplayTV said, include the long-awaited launch of ReplayZones, which the company describes as “portals to the world of television.”

Additionally, ReplayTV has enhanced certain features in the ReplayTV 2020 service. These enhancements are said to give viewers added methods to find and record favorite programs and play them back. These new features include:

  • A find shows command that gives users an “interactive key-word search” tool to quickly locate programs by their actors, titles, directors or subjects.
  • A multi-speed slow-motion feature that enables playback at three different slow-speed settings.
  • A still-frame advance function that enables viewers to find individual frames in a video sequence, either from recorded or live programming. This is especially useful in finding action shots from sporting events, the company said.
  • An improved save-to-VCR feature that enables users to easily archive a program on the hard disk by automatically triggering a connected VCR to store it to tape.
  • A preserve show feature that will save a favorite show or movie for future viewing, and an enhanced standby mode that turns off the hard drive when not in use.

As part of the free ReplayTV service, viewers will be able to access ReplayZones on their screens by pressing the ReplayZones button on the remote control. Planned ReplayZones include editorial zones such as the Movie Zone, which features a variety of selections such as action-adventure, drama, classics, comedy, family films, science fiction and teen comedy.

By selecting category zones, viewers will find a list of upcoming movies according to theme or category, such as movie classics. Sponsored ReplayZones, such as the CNN Zone, will direct viewers to record popular CNN programs or newscasts.

The ReplayTV 2020 incorporates enough hard disk space for 20 hours of recording. The recorder is available through the Home Shopping Network,,, and, and direct from the ReplayTV website or toll-free number (800) 266-1301.

Panasonic will also market its own branded version of the ReplayTV recorder in April.