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Reminder: Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends July 28

If you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 10 — whether willingly or unwillingly — you might want to make the leap soon. Microsoft reminded consumers its free upgrade offer will end in 12 weeks, on July 28.

Anyone who wants to upgrade to Windows 10 Home on July 29 will have to purchase a full version for $119.

Microsoft said the new operating system is currently installed on more than 300 million devices.

Some other Windows 10 launch facts from Microsoft:

*Cortana, Windows 10’s “digital assistant,” has helped answer more than 6 billion questions. In a promo video extolling the virtues of the new OS (see below), Microsoft executive demo lead Bryan Roper said a planned summertime “anniversary update” will further enhance Cortana’s functionality, including translations, email-based reminders and the ability to ask questions when the computer is locked. 

*More than 9 billion hours of game play has been had on Win10.

*The number of minutes spent using the Windows Edge browser has seen 50 percent growth since last quarter.