Recoton Integrates Home Audio, Mobile Electronics Divisions

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Recoton has integrated the operations of its subsidiary Recoton Home Audio with Recoton Audio Corporation's domestic Mobile Electronics Division (RME), which will operate under the direction of Jim Braun, executive VP/GM of RME.

All marketing, sales, product development, administration and support functions for the four RHA brands - Acoustic Research, Advent, Jensen and NHT (Now Hear This) - have been relocated to Recoton's headquarters in Lake Mary, Fla.

The NHT engineering and manufacturing operation will remain in Benicia, Calif.

"Improving operating efficiency is clearly the primary goal of this consolidation. Recoton has abundant expertise in the areas of product development, marketing and sales support in Lake Mary. There is a great opportunity to tap into these resources to improve support and streamline the Home Audio operation at the same time," Braun said.

"From a marketplace standpoint, I don't expect any radical changes. Our brands are strong, our product lines are excellent, and our new speaker additions - AR Hi-Res, Phantom, and the NHT VT.3 - are innovative and exciting," he added.

Ed Brown, RHA's North American sales & marketing VP, will head those functions for the consolidated group.


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