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Receivers/Processors Highlights

Denon: Five new receivers from a suggested $399 to $2,500 get Dolby Pro Logic 2, and the $2,500 AVR-4802 adds two industry firsts. One is 5.1-channel DTS 96/24 audio decoding for DVD-Video discs and for the video zone of DVD-Audio discs.

The other first is the application of THX post processing to DTS ES Discrete and Dolby Pro Logic 2, the company said.

The 4802 also comes with RS-232 and seven-channel amp that can simultaneously drive a 5.1-channel home theater and a two-channel second zone. It comes with a revised RC8000 LCD touchscreen RF/IR remote.

A suggested $799 is the new opening price for a receiver with DTS ES Discrete and Matrix, Dolby Digital 6.1 Matrix, and SPL 2. It features a six-channel amp. Denon receivers with these decoders previously started at a suggested $1,199 for a seven-channel model.

All receivers shipped in July and August.

Harman Kardon: Five new receivers are the company’s first with Dolby Pro Logic 2, and the top three are the company’s first with DTS ES Discrete and Matrix. The top-end THX Ultra-certified model is the company’s first with THX EX decoder. All five feature MP3 decoding, and the top two add HDCD. All five have five-channel amps and EZ Set circuitry to automate the setup of all speaker levels.

The top three models also feature a 7.1-channel version of Lexicon’s Logic 7 technology, which derives a 5.1- or 7.1-channel soundfield from stereo and matrixed two-channel sources.

The top three models are priced at a suggested $799, $999 and $2,799. New models planned for next year will bridge the price gap, the company said.