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Quixel: MD RPTVs Top Plasmas On Wish Lists

A majority of big-screen TV shoppers would rather buy a 50W-inch microdisplay rear-projection HDTV than a 42W-inch plasma panel at the $2,000 price point, and 77 percent of consumers would like to have a screen size larger than 40W-inches, according to a new study conducted by Quixel Research.

The buyer preferences study, which resulted from surveys conducted at Best Buy stores in three U.S. locations during the third quarter of 2004, were among a number of “surprising” results Quixel said it discovered.

Quixel said its report concluded that “consumers have space, opportunity and significant budget to purchase advanced display televisions” today.

In the study, consumers compared plasma TVs, LCD-TVs, front projectors and microdisplay rear-projection TVs (MD RPTVs) side by side in a retail environment and indicated that plasma and LCD TVs were the most preferred technologies, but the majority of consumers were willing trade thin for a larger screen size.

Consumers rated plasma as the most popular TV technology, but prices were still above their stated price expectations. When comparing plasma and MD RPTV directly, 56 percent of respondents stated that they would trade a 42W-inch ED plasma TV for a 50W-inch HD MD RPTV if the price was $2,000 for either TV. Thin design was one of the benefits for plasma but it could be traded for screen size.

LCD TVs were not as popular as plasma TVs in the report. Consumers preferred the picture quality and space-saving quality for LCD TV but weren’t willing to take the price step to get them.

Most consumers felt front projectors offered the most similar “cinema like” viewing experience, but didn’t view them as an alternative for TV watching. Respondents recognized screen size as an advantage of the approach, but most often cited significant obstacles in fitting front projectors into their homes.

MD RPTV offered as top advantages screen size and picture quality, but suffer from a lack of consumer awareness to progress made with the technology, Quixel said.

The complete report is available for purchase by contacting Victoria Pederson of Quixel Research at (503) 366-1477 or [email protected].