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Q2 LCD TV Sales Continue To Slump: Quixel


A new report
on second-quarter and first-half 2011
U.S. LCD TV sales from Quixel Research
said the category continued
to struggle under the weight of the
economic malaise, with relative bargain
pricing driving consumer LCD
TV purchases most of the period.

The story was much the same in
larger area display screen-size segments
of both plasma and LCD TV
displays, with consumers gravitating
toward bargain prices offered
by 40-inch-and-larger plasma and
CCFL-backlit LCD TV models.

The just-released Quixel “Q2 2011
LCD TV Market Review” showed
mostly flat unit sales growth, with
revenue in decline during the two
previous quarters.

Increased unit sales of value-priced smaller-screensize
models, and also several new large-screen-size
models, supported a 4 percent overall unit increase
for the LCD TV category from Q1 2011 to Q2 2011,
Quixel said.

Year-to-year volume results were down 2 percent,
while volume was up 3 percent when comparing firsthalf
2010 to first-half 2011.

“The LCD TV category posted double-digit increases
for the 19-, 22- and 32-inch screen-size segments in
the second quarter,” stated Tamaryn Pratt, Quixel Research’s
principal. “We also saw price outstrip brand,
as consumers snapped up bargain 32-inch models from
tier-two and three brands that were priced under $300.”

In Q2 2011, more than a third of the overall LCD TV
market was in price segments less than $300, compared
with 25 percent in Q1 2011 and 20 percent in Q2 2010.

In addition to increased volume in low-priced smaller-
sized LCD TVs, significant declines in many largescreen
average selling prices contributed to the 3 percent
decline in overall value for Q2 2011, with revenues
falling to $3.8 billion in Q2 2011 compared with $3.9
billion in Q1 2011, according to the report.

Annually, LCD TV values couldn’t keep pace, or fell
16 percent from Q2 2010 to Q2 2011.

First-half 2011 revenue results were also short when
compared with first half 2010, and declined 10 percent.

Quixel Research said it is now forecasting continued
soft market conditions in the LCD TV category in the
U.S. for the balance of 2011 and beyond.

Quixel’s unit projections call for LCD TV sales to remain
flat in the near turn, with only very modest growth
in 2013 and 2014.

In contrast, the plasma TV category saw continued
growth in the second quarter as consumers gravitated
to the better bargains for larger screen sizes the category
had to offer in the period.

Quixel’s “Q2 2011 USA Large Area Display Report
(LAD)” showed first-half 2011 plasma TV unit sales up
17 percent when compared with first half 2010.

“It is the great mix of value, brand and design that
makes the recipe for the plasma TV category work for
consumers,” Pratt said. “We’re in an industry that continuously
pushes techs and specs, while today consumers
are primarily interested in value for their money.”

Similarly, Pratt said CCLF-backlit LCD TV models saw
growth in several larger-than-40-inch screen-size segments.

Overall volume for the LAD category was down 3 percent
from Q1 2011 to Q2 2011 and down 2 percent
year to year.

Comparing first-half 2011 to first-half 2010, the LAD
category was up 6 percent overall. The LCD TV category
was down 2 percent quarter to quarter, but up 3
percent first-half 2011 over first-half 2010.

LAD revenues declined 5 percent in Q2 2011 to $3.4
billion compared with $3.6 billion in the first quarter of

Year-to-year the LAD market saw value fall 12 percent,
said Pratt.

The push to larger and often higher resolution screen
sized models supported the 3 percent revenue increase
for the plasma TV category from Q1 2011 to Q2 2011.

Year to year, the plasma TV category posted a 3 percent
decline in revenues. LCD TV value results for the 40-inchand-
larger segments were down 5 percent and 14 percent
quarter to quarter and year to year, respectively.

The plasma TV category also outpaced the other
technology segments in first half 2011 value growth, as
plasma sales rose 6 percent when comparing first-half
2011 with first-half 2010, while the 40-inch-and-larger
LCD TV segments were down 9 percent for the same
time period.

Quixel Research is forecasting LAD growth for 2011
and 2012.

For more detailed information, the reports can be
purchased from Quixel Research by contacting

[email protected]