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PSB Speakers Enters Headphones Market With ANC


Speaker manufacturer
PSB Speakers has launched its first headphones,
an over-ear model with active noise
cancellation and a built-in amplifier.

The PSB M4U 2, which ships this month for
$400, can operate for 60 hours on two AAA
batteries, the company said, and it will also
work in passive mode when the batteries die.
It has 40mm neodymium drivers and comes
with a three-position switch that lets users listen
with active noise cancellation, with active
noise cancellation and amplification, and in a
passive mode.

When in the noise-canceling position, there is up
to 18dB of noise cancelation below 1,000Hz, PSB said,
which is done with four microphones.

Other features include “gyro-suspended” ear
pads that are oval-shaped for comfort and an
acoustic seal. The headphones have a foldable
design, a tangle-free cord, two 1/8-inch input connectors
(one on each ear cup) to eliminate crossing
the cord in front of the user, two adapters
and two cords. The first cord features a monitor
button that tunes into ambient noise, while the
second cord has a mic and in-line controls.

A travel case and an extra set of ear pads are
included. PSB products are distributed by Lenbrook