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Proficient Adds Second Multiroom System

Proficient expanded its presence in the multiroom-audio-system market with the shipment of its first multiroom-audio receiver, which supports installations in larger homes compared to the company’s first multiroom system.

The first system, the $1,500-suggested M4 launched last year, marked the company’s entry into whole-home audio systems, complementing Proficient’s presence in custom-installed speakers. The M4 consists of an 8×30-watt controller/amplifier bundled with four single-gang in-wall keypads with IR receivers. The M4 creates a six-source, four-zone multiroom audio system when connected to legacy sources. The four-zone system is expandable to 16 zones.

The step-up $3,000 M6 system is built around a six-zone multichannel receiver incorporating dual AM/FM tuners. The receiver has inputs to add six outboard sources to the two internal AM/FM tuner sources, and as many as six of the combined eight sources can play back simultaneously in six different zones. The system is expandable to eight simultaneous sources and 24 zones.

The M6’s receiver is bundled with six in-wall keypads, also with IR receiver. The system also integrates with a doorbell and paging system to automatically mute the music when it detects an incoming page or ringing doorbell. Other features include 10 AM/FM presets per zone per tuner.

To upgrade power output and expand the system, Proficient also offers an 8×35-watt amp and a 2×125-watt amp.