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Product Spotlight

Epic Mesh From Luxul Now Available

Wireless mesh solution provides quick and easy installation for integrators

Luxul announced its new Epic Mesh wireless mesh solution is now available. Providing a solid foundation for today’s connected home and easy and fast installation for integrators, Epic Mesh combines a mesh node that acts as a router and additional satellite nodes that require no wired link between them. Each node in the network can talk to all of the others, forming a mesh system for fast, reliable, truly wireless internet.

“Employing the latest technology and a feature set far beyond DIY products on the market, Epic Mesh is the only mesh solution specifically designed to meet the high connectivity demands of the connected home,” said Mike Grubb, vice president at Legrand | AV VP, Legrand | AV – CI Marketing in a statement. “By combining the solid network performance Luxul is known for with a reliable solution that is simple to deploy, Epic Mesh allows integrators to quickly and easily provide excellent coverage and data rates for their customers — and all of their IoT devices — for an exceptional wireless experience.”

Providing integrators with flexible installation and placement, the Epic Mesh kit comes with two dual-purpose mesh nodes that can each serve as either a router or a satellite node. Simple to install, integrators turn one of the two nodes into a router using the Luxul Easy Setup App on their iOS or Android smartphones. The app also adds additional nodes into a satellite node, which is placed around the residence to create a powerful wireless mesh. There is no need to run additional wires; integrators just plug the satellite node into an available outlet.

“Setting up Epic Mesh is fast and easy,” said Ryan Yeackley, systems programmer and designer at Schaefer’s and a Luxul beta tester in a statement. “Using a simple and straightforward app, it only takes a few moments to deliver a network with extraordinary capabilities. Then there’s performance: In the home I installed it in, the owners were blown away by the consistent coverage and speed it provided throughout the entire residence. And, as an exclusive offering for integrators allowing us to maintain profit margins, I see this becoming a top seller in our industry in retrofit installations and new builds alike.”

An innovative tri-band (2×2, 2×2, 4×4) antenna array enables two 2×2 bands for client connectivity and a third powerful 4×4 5GHz dedicated backhaul channel to ensure strong connectivity back to the router, ensuring homeowners get fast internet anywhere in the home. Luxul leverages the most current technology available with Wave 2, utilizing MU-MIMO for this high-performance WiFi mesh solution. It further meets the needs of integrators by providing eight SSIDs for networking flexibility. Additional satellite nodes can be incorporated as needed to accommodate installations of any size, and if one node falls offline, the others still have a path back to the router node, maintaining a connection to the rest of the network.

“Luxul’s Epic Mesh will be a game-changer for a post-COVID world in which clients may be leery about having integrators in their homes. We will be able to preconfigure the mesh solution in our store in minutes and send it to clients with basic instructions for completing the setup. And with Luxul’s ProWatch cloud management solution, we can even check in remotely to make sure it has been installed correctly,” added Yeackley.

A firmware update will be required on the Epic Mesh to enable ProWatch. More information about Luxul’s Epic Mesh is available at

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