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Atlona Offers Home Office Solution

Common technologies can combine with Atlona components to help WFH spaces perform at higher levels

(image credit: Atlona)

Most homes are not designed with optimal business meetings as a priority. However, many integrators are having to rethink that strategy and adapt existing spaces to support remote working. Some common technologies combined with Atlona components can help these spaces perform at levels that benefit working professionals.

Adding the Atlona AT-OME-EX-KIT-LT to a room with a large flat panel display allows the user to take advantage of high-quality video performance as compared to the laptop. The larger screen allows more detailed viewing of business presentations as well as greater interaction with remote participants.

The OME-EX-KIT-LT is a transmitter and receiver pair that extends HDMI and USB signals over distances up to 230 feet (70 meters), allowing maximum flexibility for arranging the laptop and display in the room. It also interfaces with the Atlona AT-CAP-FC110 ePTZ camera with USB, as well as the Atlona AT-CAP-SP100 USB speakerphone to enhance video capture and sound capabilities.

To facilitate quick and easy swaps between work and personal devices, simple HDMI and USB connections are all that is required for connecting a laptop. This prevents the hassle of plugging and unplugging multiple peripherals as well as concerns over availability of enough USB ports on modern laptops.

A key element of this solution is its integration of USB to provide a superior videoconferencing experience over native laptop resources for popular applications, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting. When users connect their laptop USB to the system, they gain access to the high-resolution camera and conferencing-grade speakerphone with a single connection, no matter where the components are located in the room.

(image credit: Atlona)

The Captivate AT-CAP-FC110 delivers professional-quality video that is far superior to a conventional webcam. This camera offers a wide horizontal field of view and features electronic pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, as well as an auto-framing functionality that detects and then optimally resizes and centers the presenter in-frame.

Hearing and being heard clearly are critical in business communications. The microphone in the Captivate AT-CAP-SP100 speakerphone provides better coverage and quality than the typical laptop, as well as more flexible placement for optimal pickup. The built-in speaker offers superior coverage and clarity over laptop speakers.

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