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Polk Updates, Trims Its RTi Series To Reduce Overlap

Polk updated its two-year-old RTi speaker series and trimmed it to reduce overlap with its first LSi series of step-up speakers, launched late last year.

The RTi models ship in April along with new center-channel and surround speakers designed to match them sonically and cosmetically.

With the introductions, the RTi series goes to four L-R models from eight, evenly split between towers and bookshelf speakers. All feature wood veneer on all sides, whereas their predecessors featured wood on the top and sides with vinyl on the front and back. The new models also sport a redesigned 1-inch silk/polymer dome tweeter to deliver smoother response and more detail than their predecessors, the company said.

The L-R models range in price from $329/pair to $1,199/pair compared to the previous series’ $240 to $2,000/pair, said marketing manager Paul DiComo. The LSi series ranges from $800 to $3,000/pair.

The RTi series includes a tower with built-in powered subwoofer. It and the second tower feature dual inputs for biamplification or biwiring. All feature Polk’s PowerPort design to reduce turbulence at the mouth of the speakers’ ports, reducing chuffing noise to provide deeper and more powerful bass.

The speakers also feature raised bezels to counter diffraction, providing more spacious staging.

The matching Csi series center channels includes two models to match the RTi series and one for the entry-level R series at $179, $249 and $479. Two new FXi series switchable bipole/dipole surrounds match the RTi mains and retail for $219 and $299 each.

Polk developed the LSi series to enable existing Polk customers to stay with Polk when they step up and to deliver the enhanced resolution and detail of DVD-Audio and SACD technologies.