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Polk Expanding Its Soundbar Lineup


Polk is expanding its selection of active
soundbars to four models with the $800-everyday Sound-
Bar 9000.

It will join three current models priced at $350, $380
and $500

The new model is 2.25 inches deep and 44 inches wide
but packed with more DSP horsepower than the other
models for equalization and processing, product line manager
Al Baron said. It features five 2.5-inch drivers and
three 13mm tweeters, all electronically crossed over and
individually amplified. It comes with wireless subwoofer.

The soundbar uses Polk’s most sophisticated version of
active SDA (Stereo Dimensional Array) technology to add
height to the soundfield as well as deliver virtual surround.
It features Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder. It’s designed to connect
to a TV optical digital input or analog input, using the
TV for source switching.

New center-channel technology delivers wide off-axis
center-channel dispersion but anchors dialog at the center
of the soundbar, Baron said. To achieve that, the company
dedicates a 2.5-inch driver and 13mm tweeter just to
center-channel information but also sends some centerchannel
information to the other drivers and tweeters.

The bar itself delivers bass down to about 100Hz for
better blending with the wireless sub, Baron said.