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Plasma Prices Fall In Tech’s Final Hours

SAN DIEGO – Announcements of the demise of plasma TV production by Samsung this year, and hints that the technology’s last supporter LG will soon follow suit, has helped push already low prices even lower, according to a second-quarter retail placement study by Gap Intelligence.

As vendors launched and then cleared out their remaining stock of plasma TVs over the course of the past year, retail placements for plasma TVs have dropped by 58 percent, and by 67 percent over the past two years.

Meanwhile, Deirdre Kennedy, Gap TV market analyst, said the TV market’s latest display technology, OLED, mustered only six retail placements prior to the recent introduction of the 55-inch 55EC9300 at a $3,499 suggested retail, leaving the market “firmly in the hands of LED LCD units.”

“Despite what many videophiles consider to be a superior display technology, prices for plasma TVs have also dropped during the same period of time to bargain levels,” Kennedy said.

“Retailers seem to be having difficulty selling off remaining stock, even as prices have been reduced by 32 percent over last year.”