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Pioneer Expands Pandora, Adds Aha


Pioneer is stepping up its
commitment to Internet radio in the car,
expanding its selection of head units that
control an iPhone’s Pandora app to nine
new models, and bringing down the starting
price points to more affordable levels.

The company is also bringing another Internet
radio service – Aha Radio – to two of
its navigation systems. Aha delivers audible
versions of Facebook and Twitter, podcat
streams, audible reports of nearby traffic
conditions, and ability to hear nearby pointsof-
interest (POI) information.

Last year, Pioneer’s Internet radio portfolio
consisted of two Pandora-controlling A/Vnavigation
units at a suggested $1,599
and $1,099. This year, the feature will be
expanded to CD receivers, A/V receivers,
and all new navigation systems. Details and
pricing were unavailable at press time.

Pioneer also said it is improving its touch
slide feature on A/V receivers and navigation
systems. The interface reduces the need for
multiple layers of menus to quickly navigate
the user interface by touching and dragging
the text on the screen. This feature lets users
navigate through large media lists and search
and sort by artist, album, song and genre.

The company is also launching new
speakers and a subwoofer.