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Pioneer Demos Latest A/V Network Concept

Pioneer demonstrated its latest version of a planned home-A/V network system, which has been upgraded to include PVR and HDTV streaming capabilities.

In demonstrating its hard-disc-equipped DigitaLibrary server, Pioneer added the ability to stream high-definition video from a built-in HD-capable PVR and from dual HD-capable digital-cable tuners. The network uses the CEA2008 CE-Ethernet standard to deliver control signals and content over CAT-5 cable to remote rooms. The goal is to stream two to three full-bandwidth HD programs simultaneously.

No ship date has been announced.

The DigitaLibrary also distributes music, digital images and video transferred from an Ethernet-connected PC for storage on the device’s HDD.

The device could be configured to stream encrypted DVD movies from the DVD drive or from connected DVD megachangers throughout the house, but adding that capability will depend in part on the outcome of movie-studio litigation against a company that markets DVD-ripping software for PCs, the company said.

Unlike the previous version, the DigitaLibrary doesn’t download video directly from the Internet.

In another technology demo, Pioneer distributed near-CD-quality audio over powerlines by using the Powerline Communications standard developed by the Powerline Communications Group of major CE companies. Pioneer sent 32kHz, 16-bit uncompressed linear PCM over powerlines at a 2Mbps data rate to two amplified active tower speakers. o