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Pinnacle Bows Studio 7 Video Edit Software

Pinnacle Systems introduced its Pinnacle Studio Version 7 video editing software, including a host of 3D visual effects for making advanced-level home video productions.

The software is said to be based on other Pinnacle Systems’ consumer video editing products, including the popular Studio DV. It will be available in late June for a suggested retail price of $129.

Pinnacle Studio users choose their best shots and arrange them in any order using a number of scene transitions. Version 7 will then allow users to incorporate into their productions television-quality 3D visual effects, fast/slow motion, split audio and video tracks, image processing and enhancement.

Then the user can distribute copies of the finished pieces, via the Internet, CD and videotape.

“As a leader in the consumer video editing market, we are excited to bring this sophisticated yet easy-to-use video editing software to users who already own a FireWire card or other PC video capture hardware,” said Bill Loesch, vice president of business development and product management for Pinnacle Systems’ Personal Web Video division.

“With this new addition to our Studio product line, we now offer a video solution for anyone,” Loesch added.

Using Studio 7, videographers capture video into their PC from a variety of sources including 1394/FireWire ports, Webcams and TV Tuner/video capture cards.

Video editing is performed with simple drag-and-drop techniques, to align scene sequencing onto the Storyboard or Timeline view.

Over 100 transitions and 300 TitleDeko titles are offered to make the production look more professional. Users can also add sound and special effects, narration and customized musical soundtracks.

Pinnacle Studio has a disk space saving function called SmartCapture, through which “an entire DV tape can be captured in as little as 360MB,” the company said.