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PicoBrew Gets Crafty With Beer-Brewing Appliance

PicoBrew is launching its latest product, the PicoBrew Pico, a craft beer appliance for the home craft beer enthusiast.

After years of R&D related to heating, fluid distribution and ingredient packaging, PicoBrew said it reduced the cost and complexity of the patented processes and technology employed in its flagship Zymatic craft brewing appliance, and designed it into a compact, stylish package. At 12 inches wide and 31 pounds, the Pico allows someone with no brewing experience to easily brew five liters of fresh, top-quality craft beer in the comfort of their own kitchen, the company said.

The new PicoPak system employed by the Pico uses prepackaged ingredient packs available from brewers and breweries around the world. PicoPaks and proven recipes ensure that new brewers achieve great brewing results right from the start. Customers looking for more customization can personalize their batches to adjust bitterness and alcohol levels.

According to the company, brewing on Pico is as simple as filling a keg with water, loading the hop and grain modules into the machine, and hitting “Brew.” Automatic steam-cleaning and compostable pulp packaging for grains and hops make clean-up a snap. After brewing, the beer is fermented by adding yeast from the PicoPak, and then transferred to five liter serving kegs and carbonated. Some PicoPaks also employ a dry-hopping step where a hops package is added for more hop flavor and aroma.

Key to this craft beer synergy is the new PicoBrew BrewMarketplace, a giant “AppStore for beer.” Brewers and even homebrewers publish their beers on BrewMarketplace and receive royalties on every sale. Customers explore and purchase beer based on in-depth knowledge about the beer and brewer, community ratings, trends and peer feedback. Any brewer seeking to publish their beer on BrewMarketplace can join the PicoBrew Development Program (PDP), which leverages Zymatic as a development platform to create PicoPaks.

Upon becoming available in the spring next year, the Pico will retail at $999; however, it is available now for pre-order starting at $499.