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Phoenix Name Rises Again In Car

America is bringing back the Phoenix
Gold brand in a big way since the company
purchased the brand from Rodin
in September 2009.

AAMP is reemphasizing the Phoenix
Gold name on packaging and on
the product itself, a spokesman said.
Rodin, on the other hand, stressed the
Ryval and RSD brands on packaging
and products for the past six years or
so, although the Phoenix Gold name
also appeared, he said.

The first Phoenix Gold products under
AAMP ownership include the competition-
grade Ti series, already shipping.
The $649-suggested Ti800.4 Class A/
B amp is rated at 4×125-watt into 4 ohms
and 4×200 watts in 2 ohms. The $1,099-
suggested Ti2500.1 is a monoblock class
D amp rated at 2,500 watts into 1 ohm
and 1500 watts into 2 ohms with 80 percent

In early May, the company began shipping
the R series of entry-level Phoenix
Gold amps with four models priced from
$169 for a 250-watt mono amp to $450 for
a 1,000-watt mono amp.

Two more Ti-series amps — the
Ti1500.1 and Ti600.4 — are expected
to ship in late May along with the first
two S-series models. They are a 1000-
watt mono amp and a 4×100-watt amp
whose small dimensions at 10x6x2 inches
make them suitable for installation in
places where full-size amps won’t fit,
the company said.

Ti-series subwoofers, coaxial
speakers and component speakers
are scheduled for shipment sometime