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Philips E-pliance Makes Food Shopping From Home Simple

At the International CES next month Philips Electronics will exhibit the HSD4000 Home Shopping device, a kitchen-based product designed to make grocery shopping easier. It is the first in a line of home convenience display products.

The HSD4000, which looks like a PocketPC or Palm handheld computer, is based around a small LCD and a bar code scanner and allows consumers to scan in needed items and download them to a local supermarket. The download can be handled either at home through the Internet or through a special docking station at the supermarket. The food can then be delivered or picked up.

The HSD4000 also can be taken to the store where items can be directly scanned in and then picked up as they leave the store. The product was developed by Philips’ Remote Control Systems business division.

“This e-pliance has the potential to change the entire grocery shopping experience for the consumer,” said Wim Lemay, business development manager at Philips Components. He added that Philips consumer research indicates that people are ready to use such a device and that the company is ready to add this technology to supermarkets in the United States and Europe. Availability and pricing were not available.

The HSD4000 will be followed by other e-pliances. Details on these were not available at press time.