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Peerless-AV Rolls Out New User-Friendly Website

Peerless -AV has launched a new, improved website at

The site, created with user experience firmly in mind, the company said, utilizes the latest in responsive technology to deliver a design that is fluidly compatible with all browsers, mobile devices and tablets.

The site enhances ease of use with an updated navigation structure with access to Peerless -AV’s extensive range of resources, such as Live Chat, a B-to-B Portal, social media, case studies, the company’s PeerSpectives blog and KioskBuilder, among others.

New features on the site include an update of MountFinder, allowing for faster, more refined search results sub filtered by quantities, manufacturer, color, category and brand. MountFinder now displays results with infinite scroll for ease of use.

Editor’s note: This article in the May 23 issue of TWICE mistakenly included the wrong website address for Peerless-AV. The correct address appears above.