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New Belkin Networking Software Debuts

Compton, Calif. — Belkin has introduced the next generation of its Easy Install Wizard in two lines of wireless networking products. The software features Belkin's Strong Security Made Simple utility for setting up 4-bit WEP, 128-bit WEP and WPA2 security on routers. Also included is the Wireless Networking Utility, a new interface giving users a graphical representation of a network's connections. Products to include the software are the Wireless G line, new software included as of Sept. 30, and the Wireless G Plus line, which will have the software added next spring.

Spare Backup Hits CompUSA Shelves

San Diego— Online backup storage provider Spare Backup will introduce a box version of its service at CompUSA in September. The service provides a set amount of space, starting at 5GB, at two secure data centers for consumer to store their files. The software automatically backs up the users files and has a virtual PC function that allows a person to access his home computer desktop from an outside location. The service starts at $10 per month.

TV Tuner Card Boom

Scottsdale, Ariz.— Industry research firm In-Stat reported this week that PC-TV tuner sales will be driven by digital terrestrial TV and free-to-air satellite services. In-Stat's analyst Gerry Kaufhold expects the PC-TV tuner market to enjoy compound annual growth rates of 42 percent for the next four years, with the total retail value of the market to hit $3.7 billion. Also benefiting from this trend are PCs equipped with Microsoft's Media Center Edition operating system, which is focused on A/V functionality.


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