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Pinnacle To Launch PC PVR

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. —Pinnacle Systems will offer this spring a USB personal video recorder called the Bungee. Unlike other PVRs, the Bungee is intended for direct use with a PC and not a television, but it does have an A/V output port so a program recorded on a PC can be viewed on an attached TV. Video is recorded in MPEG2 quality on the PC's hard drive. The Bungee is bundled with Pinnacle's Vision TV viewing software that allows users to pause and fast forward programs and allows the device to receive FM stereo. Pricing has not been set.

EnjoyWeb Bows Broadband TV

LAS VEGAS —EnjoyWeb, Sunnyvale, Calif., a new broadband infrastructure software company enabling managed media delivery over IP, demonstrated its product at Comdex in conjunction with Toshiba's Digital Platform. The EnjoyWeb software—which is to be used by content providers, core technology vendors and broadband service companies—enables the transmission of TV-quality, full-motion video and other high bit-rate digital media applications over standard broadband connections. The EnjoyWeb solution caches content intelligently, right in the home, so users can enjoy programs at their leisure, in full-screen, full-motion clarity on either a PC screen or a traditional television, the company said.


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